Salary Survey

Since 1989, the Golden Gate chapter has annually produced a local salary and benefits survey. The survey reports associate and staff salary and benefits information. This is the original SF Bay Area Salary Survey for Law Firms. Over 61 law firms, representing 78 offices and over 4000 incumbents in the Bay Area, participated in the survey in 2020.

Substantial discounts on the purchase price apply for survey participants.  Early purchasing offers provide additional discounts. First-time purchasers also receive a discount.  Data collection starts in July of each year and results are released in September.

Purchase the 2020 Salary Survey now clicking here and pay by credit card. Though we will, of course, accept checks as payment, we encourage participants to use credit cards this year. Because of the coronavirus Shelter in Place rules, the offices of our survey producers have most of their personnel working from home and access to check gathering will be limited and may cause delays.  

All position descriptions for management and staff positions have been reviewed and updated over the past several years as needed and are included with salary data.

Other details:
·         Salaries for associate classes are reported by year from current graduates to those with more than 10 years experience
·         Benefits information includes paid time off/vacation (broken down by staff, management and attorneys), percent of insurance benefits paid by firm and holidays. 
·         Results are broken down by number of attorneys in firm, 1-10, 11-20, 21-50, 51-100, 101-150 and Over 150.
·         Statistics are reported for the entire Bay Area, in addition to separate regional reports for San Francisco, South Bay and East Bay.
·         Survey data collection is on-line with drop down menus, copy functions and the ability to complete an excel spreadsheet form and import the data.

The survey company of RSM compiles the confidential online information.

If you have questions, please contact Michael Koehne, Survey Chair.